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Men's Neck Line $150/Treatment

All Other Men's & Women's Laser Hair Removal Treatments 20% Off

Diolaze XL is our laser hair removal device that features one of the largest treatment spot sizes as well as advanced cooling system resulting in faster and virtually painless hair removal devices that you’ll find on the market.

DiolazeXL penetrates the skin down into hair follicles preventing further hair growth saving you countless hours and $$$ on razors.   

The number of treatments depends individually but usually average around 6 treatment areas spread a weeks apart (depending on area treated). This ensures all hair follicles are treated in the appropriate growth phase and why multiple treatments are needed as hair grows at different intervals. 

Who’s a good candidate for hair removal?

All skin types are able to the treated for laser hair removal however, because the laser targets pigmentation, the best candidates have lighter skin with dark course hair. Unfortunately, white/grey hair will not likely respond to treatment. Also, fine vellus hair (commonly referred to as peach fuzz) is not treated with laser hair removal.