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Retinol Chemical Peels

Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative. You may be familiar with the prescription medications Tretinoin or Retin-A, which are commonly prescribed for acne treatment.  Retinol is a weaker, though still potent medication that penetrates your skin deeply, stimulating collagen a production and decreasing skin cell turnover time. 


So what does this mean for you?? It means improved fine line, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne ,and skin laxity!!


You may be thinking the skin cream or serum you purchased over the counter at your beauty store has retinol;  so why should you purchase one from a medi spa or have a medical grade chemical peel? 


The answer is that most retinol creams/serums purchased over the counter, you will be hard pressed to find the concentration of retinol in those product. Generally the concentration of retinol is substantially weaker than what you will find in a medical spa. With that said, even daily retinol creams/serums purchased with known concentrations are weaker than medical grade retinol chemical peels. 


What can you expect from a Retinol Peel? 

Apart from radiant skin, the procedure it self is very quick and painless. A few days post peel you can expect to experience your skin flaking and peeling, though the exact degree to which this happens varies individually. Skin Peeling could last 7 or more days. After the peeling has subsided, you’ll likely notice improvement in complexion and fine lines/wrinkles which will continue as collage production increases. You can have a retinol peel every 6 weeks, generally,  and to achieve the greatest outcome we recommend 4 peels total.


Who shouldn’t have a chemical peels? 

  • Pregnant or Breast Feeding

  • Accutane within 6 months

  • Retin A within 10 days

  • Active Cold Sores

  • Recently Sunburned Skin

Important Keys Prior to Planning your Chemical Peel

  • No important events in the next few weeks (ex weddings or family pictures..)

  • No pulling at the flaking skin as this will damage your skin

  • Sunscreen is a Requirement!  SPF 30 Broad spectrum, You’re skin is photosensitive and could lead to pigmentations changes or scarring

  • Moisturizer is your friend during this recovery phase


We carry Neostrata Prosystem Peels and be found on their Physician Finder page:

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