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Skin Routines

Serums, moisturizers, retinol, antioxidants, sunscreen, eye cream..... What to put on first?


The most important thing to remember is, no one routine is perfect for everyone. Know yourself; If you don’t want a complicated multi-step skin care routine, no worries! You shouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars on products you’ll never use! Decide on what will work for you and stick to it. Continuity is equally important as product selection.


With so many different products, what should go on first?! The easiest way to remember this is “thin to thick” or serums to moisturizes. 


So let’s get to the nitty gritty:


  • Cleanser: It’s important to use a good cleanser to help remove the day, or makeup and oils that have collected throughout the day. We love Neostrata’s Forming Glycolic Face Wash

  • Serums: Serums are light and penetrate the skin quickly. Serums can include peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, or Vitamin C for example. One of our favorite serums is SkinBeautica’s Peptide 9, it does a great job softening wrinkles and our patients can’t get enough. Pure hyaluronic acid can also go on which helps hydrate you skin, and counteract our dry Colorado air. Finally Vitamin C which is an antioxidant and helps repair the days damage from caused by UV radiation

  • Eye cream: whether brightening or for wrinkles, these are specifically formulated for the thinner skin surrounding your eye

  • Retinol vs Moisturizer: Retinol will absorb quickly. Though if you have sensitive skin it will be beneficial to apply moisturizer 1st followed by retinol


No matter your routine, we carry plenty of skin care products to meet your needs!

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